Pull hardware

  • UT wire clamp ( non-adjustable)

    UT wire clamp ( non-adjustable)

    Wedge type self – locking structure, the steel strand is stuck in the online slot, generally used for the lower end of the cable tower

  • Thimble


    A liner used to tie a steel strand or wire rope

  • NX wedge clamp

    NX wedge clamp

    Composed of a groove, a clamping piece and a rod.

    The clamping piece holds the wire and places it in the groove.

    The groove and the clamping piece slide relative to each other and hold the wire tightly.

  • Guy clip

    Guy clip

    A saddle-shaped assembly fixing the end of a steel strand

  • Anti-theft caps NUT clamp(adjustable)

    Anti-theft caps NUT clamp(adjustable)

    Material:The body and wedge of the wire clamp are malleable cast iron, hot dip galvanized. Other parts are hot dip galvanized steel. Application revent the clip in the cable from theft and damage, and reduce the security risks in the process of transmission and power consumption.
  • PD type clevis

    PD type clevis

    Material: hot-dip galvanized steel QY  type Specified failure load