GB /T 10433 – 2002 Cheese Head Studs For Arc Stud Welding

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Stud welding belong to a kind of high-strength connected fasteners. The diameter of Stud welding is Ф10  Ф25mm, and the total length before welding is 40  300 mm. The Stud welding has a logo on the top surface of the head – HW –to make the manufacturer’s identification mark. The arc stud welding are suitable for high-rise steel frame construction, industrial plant construction, highways, railways, bridges, towers, automobiles, energy, transportation facilities construction, airports, stations, power stations, pipeline supports, lifting machinery andOther various steel structures and other projects.

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Cheese Head Studs for Arc Stud Welding commonly known as Shear Connector Stud, is mainly used for all kinds of engineering of steel structures

Product standards are usually GB / T10433-2002/ISO13918

Cheese Head Studs for Arc Stud Welding. The welding of shear studs is generally known as Arc stud welding, which is welded to a structural member by stud welding machine .The application in the steel industry is more and more widely.

due to simple stud welding operations, with no cleaning up the slag, no machining, as long as the power is turned on, you can conduct on-site outdoor steel construction projects, timesaving operation and saving construction costs.

They were widely used for high-rise structural steel buildings, industrial plants and civil construction,road, rail bridges, towers, transportation facilities, airports, large storage warehouses, cranes and other steel structure.


Quality Control of Heibei Hanwang Fasteners

Hanwang Fasteners operate a fully controlled quality system maintaining traceability of products from their initial source of supply, into stock, directly through to dispatch to the customer. For that Hebei Hanwang Fasteners established a fully functioning quality control lab and a active quality control office with quality-enthusiasm crew members.

Heibei Hanwang Fasteners Testing Facility

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To check that the products we supply conform to the relevant standards and specific requirements of customers, Heibei Hanwang Fasteners operate specialist inspection equipment such as:

  • Tensile Machine for pulling kinds of Bolts / nuts
  • Hardness Machine (portable and lab)
  • Spectrum detection and metallography detection equipment
  • Suitability Test Machine for assembly testing
  • Both Rockwell hardness and Brinell Testing Machine
  • Thread Gauges for bolts and nuts
  • Plating Thickness Tester

For details please contact us for more products specs.

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